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Monument & Marquee Signs

Having over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, 24 years as a business owner and a former mason craftsman, I have a knowledge and understanding of how to build these structures from start to finish. If you are looking to build a monument/marquee cabinet sign for your shopping center, industrial park or office complex; contact American Signs early on in the design stages so that I/we can offer our expertise or recommendations to insure these structures are built structurally sound and you do not have mishaps or hold ups. Whether you prefer a masonry base or other type of façade, my many years of experience will certainly be beneficial to you during this time.


Channel Letter LED Illuminated Raceway & Flush Mounted Signs

Having my unique knowledge of façade’s and a reputation of giving our customers the highest quality products, we will make certain in the installation of these signs that we will do so in the least invasive manner possible. We take great care in making sure your façade will not be invaded more than necessary during this process. All penetrations made will be sealed using the highest quality sealants and industry standard procedures which may not even be a concern or thought for your other sign contractors.

We also insure that we provide the brightest lit sign for your business and get lighting patterns directly from our LED manufacturers in order to achieve this goal.


Parking Lot & Board Signs

We offer all types of these signs for office complexes, shopping centers and private industrial or residential owners. We work with your team to come up with the most logical, efficient placement for desired traffic patterns and necessary alerts.

Interior Office Branding & Imaging Signage

Having worked with building managers for many years, I realize the importance and emphasis they need to place on keeping their customers/companies needs and wants met. We offer all types of these interior signs including directories, suite signage, lobby signs and vinyl graphics that will present the most positive, attractive look that all companies are looking to present.


We also take the utmost concern for deadlines, which are detrimental to a successful relationship with our customers and their success which in part depends on American Signs producing these signs on a timeline that will benefit all.


Specialty Signs, Neon & Hand Painted Signage

We employ among the best and most experienced craftsman that make all types of neon signs and will be happy to collaborate with a potential customer on what they are looking to accomplish. I will be forthright and honest on how to make your best image with this unique process come to light.


We also have the capacity to bring a story to the canvas using the oldest type of branding known to man. A painted sign can bring a story to life and can differentiate you from all the others in the right setting. Our sign painter has over 40 years of experience and will help advise and bring your vibrant message to customers in that old fashioned tried and true way.


Service for Existing Signs

If you are in need of repairs to your existing signs, even those that are not fabricated by American Signs, we would be happy to send out one of our many servicemen throughout the Chicagoland area to fix your problem. Upon inspecting the issue, you will be told the truth and given options on the different avenues you can take in order to get your signs functioning again. I am certain that once you have dealt with American Signs on a matter like this you will, and it happens, that you prefer to give American Signs an opportunity when you are in the market for a new sign due to my commitment to giving all of our customers a most positive and memorable experience.

Signs for business & this is a Monument Business Sign

Expert, Honest Advice

Complete Selection

Reliable Service

Value Engineering, Quality Production & Installation

Complete Selection of Commercial Signage

On-Time Production

Competitive Prices

Professional Installation

  • Personal attention and value engineering for every signage need, indoor and outdoor

  • High-level, professional advice for business owners and facility managers

  • Efficiency and quality assured with our 40 years’ experience in commercial contracting and mason craftsmanship

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